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Product quality warranty

Thank you for choosing and using the products of Shenchuan (Shanghai) Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

And sold our products give the following guarantee:

1.Warranty content:

1.1Company responsible forThe product at the end user during normal use indeed due to material or manufacturing unqualified caused accessories and repairs damaged. According to different using time and ensure content would be repair or replacement for free.

1.2While providing replacement parts for users to change, the company does not provide repair costs.

1.3The company only provides quality assurance of the product itself, other indirect loss during customers using process such as: shutdown loss, extra expenses, credibility loss, etc. not in the scope of warranty.

1.4This warranty does not guarantee the product special requirements beyond the operating instructions or prescribed of the contract.

2.Warranty period and scope:

2.1The company's products: domestic products calculated warranty period since the date of delivery to user or authorized agent deliver to user. Foreign products calculated warranty period since products reach the port of purchase country.

2.2To confirm the start date of the warranty period, when products delivered to the user must sign the delivery record; clear delivery date, recording Chronograph initial value.

2.3The warranty period shall be 12 months or chronograph accumulated within 1000 hours of accessories and repairs are: Mechanical transmission, drive axle, mast bearings, wheels, rims, brake tank assembly, steering axle, steering device, gear pumps, down speed valves, forks, chains, sprocket wheel, lifting cylinders, tilt cylinders, multi-way valve, hydraulic systems of high and low pressure lines, water tanks.

2.4The warranty period shall be 6 months or Chronograph accumulated within 500 hours of accessories and repairs are: Engines (except for accessories and repairs article 2.5 article 3 contents involved), motor, hydraulic transmission case, storage battery, voltage regulator, instrument and supporting sensor..

2.5The warranty period shall be 3 months or Chronograph accumulated within 250 hours of accessories and repairs are: Starting motor, generator, distributor, clutch platenrelease bearing.

3.The below situations are not included in the warranty range:

3.1Please read the attached "Forklift Using and Maintenance Manual" in every detail before using the forklift. Any fault or damage caused by using, repairing and maintenance not in accordance with the above document, and faulty operation or overload, overuse are not included in the warranty range. Operators should learn and be trained till qualified before using the forklift.

3.2Any malfunction or components damage caused by changing the truck structure or performance without written approval of our company or using spare parts purchased out of our company.

3.3Malfunction or accessories and repairs which could be mended through easy adjustment or repairing.

3.4Damage caused by natural disaster.

3.5Oil for self-maintenance, antifreeze, filter elements, liquid supplements in battery and other wearing components; wearing parts for maintaining during warranty time such as tires, clutch facings, brake linings belt, fan belt , fuses, bulbs, ignition coils, glow plugs, spark plugs, fuel injectors, piston rings, all kinds of plugs, sockets, wiring harness, components such as relay contacts with various switches (brake, turning, reversing, zero files, start preheating, etc.), glass products.

4.Confirmation of malfunction and damage:

4.1When maintaining of malfunction or components damage is needed for any products

within warranty range and time in accordance with Item 2, please contact our company or our maintaining site. We will direct on site or over the phone.

4.2Damage caused by disassembling or changing the components without authorization from our company.


5.1All explanation rights of this warranty are reserved to Shenchuan (Shanghai) Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

5.2This warranty prevails when any text against the articles.